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Te Whanau Kahu O Te Tai Poutini


Home-based Social Work
This is a free confidential home-based support service for families/whanau facing difficulties, needing support and/or wanting to make changes in their lives.   The Manager receives the referral, allocates to a social worker. The social worker will meet the family/whanau, to complete the initial assessment and the child and family assessment, make a plan and goal to support the family/whanau to achieve their goals.  Our social workers are professionals who work to best practice standards and will give individual attention and support and advocate for children and families.


Homebuilder’s is a non-government organisation, clients work with us in a voluntary relationship.

We can support with parenting, child behaviour management, family violence, family/whanau relationships, household management, building resilience, child development, routines and boundaries, care and protection, some health related circumstances, family/whanau wellbeing, education issues, or refer to another more appropriate community agency.  This list is not limited as each family/whanau will be assessed on their specific needs.

Respite care (from a community referral) may be available to children 0 – 17 years of age who are in need of care or protection and need to have some time out from their family/whanau. This time out will enable both the child and the parent/s to look at the situation, assess everyone’s needs and plan for the future.  Care or protection of the child is paramount to how we plan and work with the child and family/whanau.  When a child/ren are identified as needing respite care, we will ascertain if family/friends are available to care for the child/ren in the first instance.  Respite care involves the parent/guardian signing a Temporary Care Agreement to enable us to place the child with one of our approved caregivers who will look after the child in the caregiver’s home, for an agreed period of time.

Our Homebased service operates from Karamea in the north to Hokitika in the south, including Reefton.

Homebuilders Counselling Service

Counselling is offered to children/young people and families with children 12 years and younger to achieve the following outcome

Improved family/whanau functioning

Children and/or families/whanau can request counselling to enable the family/whanau to remain intact, improve family/whanau functioning, and to make a positive change to the family/whanau environment.

To access the counselling service a referral is received by Homebuilders.  The Counselling Co-ordinator completes an initial assessment with the client who chooses an approved Counsellor from Homebuilders list of contracted Counsellors.  The referral to the Counsellor of choice, will be completed by Homebuilders Counselling Co-ordinator.

Upon the acceptance of the referral, Homebuilders will pay for up to six hours with a counsellor, per family, per year.  If further sessions are required, the Counsellor and client will negotiate the number of sessions and the rate of payment.

At the end of the six hours of counselling, it is important the client completes an evaluation, telling us what is different for the child/young person and their family.  The evaluation also asks if the counsellor treated you well.

Family Counselling Pamphlet

Big Brothers Big Sisters Youth Mentoring

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Buller coordinates two mentoring programmes that connects children/young people with an adult in our community, as well as the option of school based mentoring that takes place during school hours and in the child’s school grounds.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grey District is a new early intervention mentoring service provided under the Homebuilders West Coast Trust umbrella.  We are currently looking for mentors for children in the local community who can spare 4-5 hours per month with a child.  Please contact the BBBS Grey District co-ordinator,

BBBS is based on the idea that a friendship with an adult can provide support for a child or young person to grow and develop in a positive way.

BBBS community matches an adult volunteer (vetted, trained and monitored) with a child or young person between the age of 6 and 16. A school match works by spending one hour once a week together – or a total of 4-5 hours a month, however it works best for the mentor and mentee.

A mentor spends informal planned time with a child or young person. This could be: walking dogs on the beach, reading, building sand castles, going fishing, baking, playing a game, tossing a Frisbee, the grand idea is simple: include the young person in everyday activities and experiences. We also offer optional outings and activities which extend to all the mentors and their mentees to have some enjoyable times as a larger group. Mentors meet bi-monthly for supper and group supervision/meeting for ongoing match support.


BBBS of Buller and Grey District is affiliated to BBBS New Zealand who is affiliated to BBBS of the United States of America.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, referring a child or young person, or you are interested to know more about the program, please contact:


BBBS Buller Co-ordinator – Kyra Morgan

03 788 8065 or 027 664 0007



BBBS Grey District Co-ordinator – Bronte Roper

03 768 6665 or 027 311 8240



Mail to : PO Box 388

Westport, 7866

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Social Workers in Schools
This service is available to students and their families/whanau from all schools in the Buller region; Runanga, Cobden, Blaketown, Paparoa Range, and Haast schools in Greymouth cluster.

Buller School Contacts

Inangahua Junction School
Ph: 03 789 0284
Email: inanga49@ihug.co.nz

Sacred Heart School
Ph: 03 732 8645
Email: secretary.sh@xtra.co.nz

Maruia School
Ph: 03 523 8860
Email: principal@maruia.school.nz

Karamea School
Ph: 03 782 6717
Email: kate.grey@karamea.school.nz

Westport North School
Ph: 03 789 7172
Email: office@westportnorth.school.nz

Westport South School
Ph: 03 789 7132
Email: office@westportsouth.school.nz

St Canice’s School
Ph: 03 789 7467
Email: principal@stcanices.school.nz

Granity School
Ph: 03 782 8109
Email: principal@granity.school.nz\

Greymouth School Contacts

Runanga School
Email: office@runanga.school.nz
Ph: 03 762 7873

Blaketown School
Email: office@blaketown.school.nz
Ph: 03 768 9096

Cobden School
Email: reception@cobden.school.nz
Ph: 03 768 7465

Paparoa Range School
Email: principal@paparoarange.school.nz
Ph: 03 762 5740

Haast School
Email: principal@haast.school.nz
Ph: 03 750 0853

This service aims to achieve good education, health and wellbeing outcomes for children.  This service is school based and also works with families/whanau in their home.

The social worker in schools works with children (and families) when a child’s behaviour impacts on the learning and development, effects of emotional feelings that get in the way of learning, improve social skills to enable the child to build and maintain relationships, enabling friendships to grow and develop, building positive self-esteem and building a child’s strength and resilience.

Social workers in schools also organise and facilitate programmes for students and adults.  These programmes are usually school based with referrals accepted by social worker from the principal, teacher, parent or child.

Social workers in schools can be contacted via the school or by contacting Homebuilders.

Buller Family/Whanau Violence Prevention
Community organisations and interested people have collaborated to work with “End the Silence on Family Violence”. The group co-ordinates projects to raise awareness through publicity and activities.
Buller Family/Whanau Violence Prevention is a collaborative network of individuals, community volunteers, non-government agencies and statutory agencies who work towards achieving family violence prevention in the Buller region by:

  • Building a strong network for all agencies concerned with family violence prevention to work together, learn from each other and share ideas and experiences
  • Providing information which focuses on changing attitudes and behaviours around family violence prevention
  • Providing information that may provide support and education for people who want to make changes in their lives
  • Providing information on ways to support family and friends who may be in violent situations
  • Being part of national campaigns such as the It’s Not Okay campaign, and White Ribbon campaign

The Buller Family/Whanau Violence Prevention administrator is based at Homebuilders in the Buller.

Strengthening Families Lead Agency
Strengthening Families is a national initiative to co-ordinate services to families/whanau that will benefit from a multi agency approach.  The client family/whanau consents to the strengthening families meeting and is included in the process and planning.

Homebuilders can organise and lead strengthening families meetings for clients.  A meeting will enable clients to have support agencies/people available, to participate in a plan that supports the family/whanau to achieve their goals.

The Lead Agency continues to call meetings and monitors the plan until the goals are achieved, or not as the case may be.  The meetings are then evaluated by all participants and closed.

Strengthening Families is offered coast wide.

Incredible Years Parenting Programme
Incredible Years Parenting is a worldwide programme with a long history of researched success.  Evaluations of the parents who have attended the programme indicate parents are able to significantly reduce children’s behaviour problems and increase prosocial behaviours. Parents also reported feeling more confident and comfortable about their parenting skills at the completion of the programme.
Incredible Years Parenting Programme involves 14 weekly sessions of two – three hours each week.  The focus is not on being the best parent, but on being a more conscious parent.  Over the weeks parents develop strategies to build positive relationships with their children and to manage problem behaviour. All participants are supported with additional weekly support from the Incredible Years Parenting Co-ordinator.
The programme is co-ordinated and facilitated by trained facilitators and is delivered with integrity and fidelity. Alongside this, to ensure positive outcomes, parents are offered free child care and assistance with transportation for programme session times.
The programme covers:

  • Child directed play
  • Academic, persistence, social and emotional coaching
  • Praise, encouragement and incentives
  • Rules, routines and responsibilities
  • Managing misbehaviour
  • Pre school readiness and problem solving

The Incredible Years Parenting Programme is available in Westport. Please contact Homebuilders for more information or to register for the next upcoming programme.

IYP Pamphlet 2014


Supervised Contact
Homebuilders provide supervised contact when it has been ordered through the court.

Homebuilders can also be the venue for children transitioning between parents for contact.  The terms of the drop off and pick up is agreed between both parents, in a written agreed plan.

A detailed supervised contact policy exists to guide staff and clients through the process.

Supervised contact is offered in Westport.

Employee Support Services - ESS

Employee Support Services is a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counselling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems.

Please contact Homebuilders office for more information

03 788 8065 or 027 214 9983

52 Mill Street, Westport